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Baccarat Systems - As easy as 1,3,2,6!

Baccarat systems are few and far between. In fact, your best to stay away from any baccarat system that promises to make you win every time, since it's probably a scam. If you hear about one of these, or have tested one and had reasonable results with it, by all means, about it so I can include it on this page. I'm always eager to hear about new baccarat systems that actually work!

There is one baccarat system that I've looked into, and it's shown some promise. It's called the 1-3-2-6 baccarat system, and it's a mathematical way of controlling your betting over the course of 4 hand "sets". So it's not really a way to win, but more of a system for controlling your bankroll and making it work for you. The way this baccarat system works is that you first choose a betting increment and stick to it; so let's say you're going to bet in $10 units. So as an example of baccarat systems, you'd proceed with a set of 4 hands in the following way: your first bet would be 1 unit ($10). Win and you'll have $20 (2 units), so add another unit to your win to make 3 units ($30); win and you'll have $60 on the table (6 units)! Take away 4 units, leaving you with a bet of 2 units ($20); win that hand and you'll have 4 units ($40), so add two more units (now there are 6 units) for a bet of $60. If you win that hand, you'll have $240 in front of you! This might sound like one of those complex baccarat systems, but it's actually a safe way to structure your betting. You may be thinking that this is a scam because I only talked about winning but if you try this method out, you'll really be playing it safe with your money, and making sure you don't lose too much, while also having the opportunity to win a fair amount. The ideal scenario is above, but if you lose the first bet, you've only los1 10 bucks. If you win the 1st hand but lose the 2nd, you've only lost 20 bucks. If you win the 2nd hand but lose the 3rd, you're still ahead by 20 bucks. If you win the first three but lose the 4th, you end up breaking even. If you lose the 2nd hand five out of six times, and then win four hands in a row, you break even. So it's not foolproof, but it is a safe way to go if you want to avoid going home with empty pockets.

I should probably mention card counting here too. One of the most popular baccarat systems is thought to be card counting. It's also popular with Blackjack players. With land-based casinos using a shoe with 8 shuffled decks, and online casinos using computer software to keep the cards random and replenished, your bets bet is to not even try. Unless you've got a photographic memory, or you're someone like the Dustin Hoffman in "Rainman", the best you can do is to watch for the 4's and 6's to be dealt. Some statistics have shown that when a 4 is dealt, it may be better to bet on the banker, and when a 6 is dealt, a bet on the player might be smarter.

That's about it for baccarat systems. As I said, they're pretty scarce, and even when you do find one, you have to try it out before really making up your mind about it. I'd stay on the safe side myself, and avoid anything that claims to make you a millionaire overnight, and stick with smart bankroll management.

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