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How to Play Baccarat - It's Simple!

Here's the page you've been looking for if you want to know how to play baccarat. It's not a hard game to learn, in fact it's one of the easiest casino card games you'll come across in Vegas or online. There are only a few things you need to know before learning how to play baccarat, such as what the table set up is like, and how the dealing happens, and what kind of bets you can make. In traditional baccarat, there are only two people playing at a time; the player and the banker. Anyone at the table who knows anything about how to play baccarat knows that they can bet on either one, whether they're involved directly in the current hand or not. So if you're the player, you will be dealing the cards to yourself and the banker, and you are free to bet that the banker will win, or bet on yourself. Anyone else at the table has those same options too.

So, first things first. Here's a picture of a traditional baccarat table:

You can see that a traditional baccarat table is two-ended, with a maximum of 14 players sitting (7 per end) at a full table. But you're saying that it has player positions numbered up to 15, right? Count them, and you'll see that the #13 is left out for reasons of superstition. Who would want to sit at position #13? Not me! At a full table, three dealers work at the game; similar to Craps. Two are actually referred to as Dealers, and they stand on one side of the table where they take care of the player's bets on their respective end of the table. The Caller stands in the semicircle cut-out opposite the dealers, and makes the calls on the hands and directs the game in general. Now take note that none of the dealers actually deals the cards! Not even the ones called the Dealers. Read my page on baccarat rules to see a bit more about how to play baccarat, and you'll see that the players actually take turns dealing, so the casino really needs to really keep an eye what's going happening at the table. You can also see in that picture, there is a row of numbered rectangles across from the Caller. That's where the dealers keep track of the commissions on winning banker bets. And you can also see, in each player section, the words "Player" (in red) and "Banker" (in yellow) are spelled out so you can see where you'd place those respective bets on the table. And in the middle of each end of the table, you'll see the Tie Bet area. If you know anything about how to play baccarat, it should be to avoid that bet. If you already know how to play baccarat, and you like betting on a tie, then I can safely assume that you're either very rich, very reckless, or both. If that's the case, I bet the casinos just love seeing you walk in their doors!

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